Yet, They earn only 10% of the income and own ONLY 1% of the worlds' property.

Women contribute 66% of the World's work

Women produce 50% of the worlds food







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" It takes a self-confident woman to be successful in any male-dominated industry. But it takes an awesome woman to make it in the construction trades. Lean in takes the best of what you have become and enhances it to, who and what you plan to be."

Debo Harris.

We at Lean In Women In Trades envision a construction industry that embraces the diversity that makes up the world we live in.

There are so many obstacles that have prevented women from entering and sustaining careers in the construction industry.

The numbers are unbelievable since 1970 women make up approximately 3% of the construction trades.

There are huge initiatives to encourage girls into STEM careers but everyone forgets about the places we work and live in.

We need buildings to provide shelter everyone.That's what skilled tradeswomen do. We have been working constructing buildings without any support or exposure. This is one of the many reasons why we haven't seen any growth.

Girls can't imagine becoming a Plumber, Carpenter, Engineer, Ironworker, Mason, Electrician or a Builder because there aren't any positive images of this anywhere in the media.

The demographics of the design and skilled trades industry is changing because the baby boomers are retiring, this creates a worker shortage for the construction trades. Women are ready and able to fill this shortage if given the opportunity.

If you are ready to change the landscape of this final frontier, become a partner of this movement, please contact us. 


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